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Procurement Consulting – Reduce Your Procurement Costs

Hubzone Depot’s consulting services can assist larger companies with more unique/complex programs or with categories not currently covered by our group purchasing platform.

We have worked on hundreds of engagements that target specific areas for companies under this umbrella. For example – Lab supplies, IT Supplies, and Software agreements. Through our various Consulting options, Hubzone Depot functions as a true partner and an extension of your own procurement group. Our services provide an opportunity to enhance your team’s overall capabilities and add to your specific content knowledge.

We proudly offer the following Consulting Services:

Comprehensive Optimization

For clients seeking to review and elevate their program without changing suppliers. The process begins with a complete analysis of both historical spend and supplier performance followed by developing the specific optimization strategy for your program. Once the program is optimized with the best pricing, terms and conditions, Hubzone Depot assures proper implementation and compliance throughout the term of the agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Supplier Consolidation

As a result of M&A activities or shifts to centralized procurement strategies, companies are often challenged with the daunting task of consolidating the supply base. Such projects may involve numerous suppliers across multiple countries, various systems, conflicting processes, and multiple supply agreements. Hubzone Depot’s advanced technology and database can simplify even the most complicated consolidation projects. Through data normalization and integration, actionable insight is achieved and strategic consolidation plans are developed to maximize purchasing power and optimize savings.

Comprehensive RFP Process

A thorough RFP process can mean significant savings in most cases, but there are challenges that can sabotage the exercise if not planned for and addressed. Most pitfalls come in two areas: insufficient resources and expertise; and incomplete or dissimilar price comparisons between bids.

With our cradle-to-grave approach, we’ve developed a proven and comprehensive RFP solution that overcomes the typical challenges companies face, and provides consistent and successful results. We also utilize SCANMARKET, a Best-in Class cloud-based eRFx platform to further drive results.

Our RFP methodology follows a four-stage process that will provide a complete assessment of the existing program and develop a best-in-class program. Our four-stage process focuses on the incumbent supplier, wherein we:

  1. gather historical spend data
  2. conduct a comprehensive analysis of that data
  3. build and run a competitive RFP sourcing event
  4. implement and manage your specialized procurement program

Hubzone Depot has the experience and expertise to manage this painstaking process for you and deliver results that can only be achieved through extensive use of your resources. We take the information uncovered during the data gathering and comprehensive analysis stages and combine it with our market intelligence to form the basis of the RFP parameters. Our goal is to produce a clear and concise RFP packet that reflects the required key pricing and terms and conditions of our clients. For example, the packet will address specifics on pricing, terms and conditions, KPIs, partners, timeframes, shipping, and discount structures. We collaborate with the client to create a scorecard that includes the appropriate weighting for each of the key parameters, including technical and pricing evaluations. We give special attention to maintaining a fair and level playing field among bidders and ensuring a true apples-to-apples comparison. Multiple rounds of clarification are common.

Once the client chooses a supplier, Hubzone Depot will complete the negotiation of any remaining business terms. After the new agreement is executed, we will oversee the implementation and begin category management.

Our outsourced RFP solution typically saves over 20% for our clients

Category Management

Many companies do not have the necessary resources to actively monitor the performance of their suppliers and often overpay as a result. Hubzone Depot offers a practical solution and alternative to additional staffing with our Category Management services. Through our active oversight and monitoring, Hubzone Depot assures contract compliance and performance as defined in your Agreement.


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Hubzone Depot offers unparalleled access to best-in-class pricing, providing businesses with high-quality products at competitive rates to maximize value and cost-efficiency in every purchase.

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