At Hubzone Depot, we harness the collective buying power of our members to secure the best deals from leading suppliers. By combining our spending power, we achieve more together than any single company could on its own.

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What Is Leveraging?

Leveraging is a strategy typically employed by member-based savings solutions to combine their spending power and secure the best pricing from top suppliers. By uniting a large group of willing spenders, these groups can negotiate agreements with leading suppliers to provide products, services, contract terms, and discounted pricing far superior to what individual members could achieve on their own. However, leveraging goes beyond just procurement. Solutions like ours at Hubzone Depot manage contracts between member businesses and their suppliers, mitigate risks by engaging with different levels of supplier organizations, and work on expanding the membership base to increase leverage. This continual growth enables us to negotiate even better discounts and improved terms.

The Benefits of Leveraging a GPO

Reduce Business Costs

Organizations of all sizes and industries benefit from Hubzone Depot leveraging system, saving significant money through bulk discounts and negotiated terms. Program onboarding can be completed in less than two weeks, allowing members to see cost reductions immediately. Leveraging our purchasing power of over $275 million, we deliver 15% – 35% in savings for our members. Our comprehensive solutions provide a 500% return on investment, with a sustainable savings program that ensures members rarely experience sudden price increases. Multi-year protections with indexed pricing and caps protect members from fluctuating market prices.

Increase Accountability

Beyond upfront savings, Hubcone Depot’s robust purchasing program includes a post-implementation report to identify any oversights. This allows members to track their purchases, monitor actual savings on each project, and project expected cost savings for future quarters. Increased accountability helps member organizations plan ahead, maximizing their budget allocation.

Control Purchasing Process

Members who join Hubzone Depot’s leveraging program can standardize their purchasing process. Instead of setting up meetings and negotiating with multiple suppliers, members simply choose the commodities they want to purchase, and Hubzone Depot procures the best deals on their behalf.

Attract Well-Known Suppliers

For small or mid-sized companies, attracting the attention of well-known suppliers and securing significant discounts can be challenging. Through leveraging, Hubzone Depot’s aggregate spending power persuades top-quality suppliers to offer aggressive discounts and better deals.

Procure High-Quality Supplies Consistently

Hubzone Depot members can rest assured about the quality of the supplies they receive. With the collective buying power of our members, we consistently secure the best value, ensuring top-notch quality in the products and services provided. To learn more about how leveraging can benefit your organization, visit our Hubzone Depot homepage and explore our solutions in detail. For more insights on how leveraging can transform your business, check out our blog and discover the latest industry trends and tips.

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Why Choose Us

Benefits of Membership

Experience exclusive discounts, access to top-quality products, personalized customer support, streamlined purchasing, bulk buying power, and a dedicated commitment to community and sustainability with our membership benefits.

Immediate Cost Reduction

Experience immediate cost reduction with our strategic solutions, optimizing expenses and maximizing savings. Unlock significant financial benefits for your business with our effective cost-cutting strategies.

No Purchase Minimums

Hubzone Depot offers the convenience of no purchase minimums, allowing businesses to order exactly what they need, when they need it, without unnecessary constraints.

Access to Best-in-Class Pricing

Hubzone Depot offers unparalleled access to best-in-class pricing, providing businesses with high-quality products at competitive rates to maximize value and cost-efficiency in every purchase.

Seamless Implementation

Hubzone Depot ensures a seamless implementation process with expert guidance, tailored solutions, minimal disruption, and comprehensive support, enabling smooth transitions and optimized operations for your business needs.

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